Host City

With bustling waves sweeping sandy shores below seagulls gliding through the sky and settling alongside fishermen reeling in the catch of the day- Durban is the proud host city of Mini World Youth Day 2017. As the city by the sea, the salty ocean breeze is waiting to welcome all pilgrims and delegates who will journey here in December.

Located in KwaZulu-Natal, the province itself was created in 1994 upon the merge of the Zulu Bantustan with what used to be the province of Natal, first discovered on Christmas day and memorably named after the Portuguese word for Christmas, Natal.

The surf-styled ‘playground’ that is the city of Durban packs a diverse range of communities with an influence of food types, language and clothing from many different parts of the world, all incorporated within the Durbanite lifestyle. Every so often you might also hear people refer to Durban as eThekwini, the Zulu word for ‘bay’ or ‘lagoon,’ because it is where the Umsundusi River meets the warm Indian Ocean that you will find a large lagoon (known as Blue Lagoon), with Durban Harbour, the busiest port in Southern Africa, having been remarkably formed by a large natural lagoon as well.


A growing food, craft and flea market community can also be found all about the city, sharing something new and innovative all the time and often providing a stage for homegrown musicians and artists. The spectacular Moses Mabhida Stadium remains one of Durban’s first-rate developments and hosts sporting events and concerts throughout the year. This sunny city can also be wonderfully admired from a 360° view point upon a little SkyCar travel to the top of the stadium- a fun favourite by all citizens and tourists.

The newly developed beachfront promenade is bursting with life as people happily jog along, dance, ride bikes and relax in the sunshine all along the coastline. A plush green ecosystem extends throughout the province and a rich marine environment is marvelled along the coast, as far as the eye can see. As a historically enriched city, the beautiful Emmanuel Cathedral is located in the central district and within this vibrant part of Durban you can also find The Denis Hurley Centre, an establishment with ‘care, education, and community’ needs at heart.


Many have said that South Africa is a kind-hearted country always extending a warm welcome to all visitors and the city of Durban in all its surf, sunshine and hospitality looks forward to building upon this legacy in December at the exciting and much anticipated event that is Mini World Youth Day!

Woza December!