Parish Registration


Please note the following requirements when making payment to ensure correct allocation of funds for receipting:

Partial payments less than R500 will not be accepted due to bank charges
Please make payment via EFT or ATM.
Correct reference code per delegate must be used when funds are deposited these are:

  1. Payment reference number found on the invoice ie MWYD 001
  2. Your name and surname
  3. Your parish
  4. Proof of payment to be emailed to

Mini World Youth Day Registration Procedure

To make sure that the registration process is managed in a co-ordinated way, we would like to ask you to follow the procedure as indicated below.

  1. The youth are to complete all their necessary personal information to attend the MWYD 2017. The Information checklist is attached for the Parish to print and give to the youth. The checklist is also available on the website and can be downloaded on the ATTEND tab, drop down Registration Procedure.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Diocesan Co-ordinator/Chaplain to ensure that all the necessary personal information pertaining to the youth who are wanting to attend the MWYD 2017 is captured. The Diocesan Co-ordinator/Chaplain will be responsible to complete the group on-line registration on behalf of all youth.
  3. Should you have any young people under the age of 18 years wanting to participate and be registered, you will need to ensure that you have completed the parental consent form and the chaperone details per youth aged between 16 and 18 years. Each youth must have their own dedicated chaperone to be permitted attendance.
  4. The parishes are to complete/collect the information checklist from the youth and return to the diocese. The diocesan co-ordinator/chaplain are to enter the information on the online group registration link.
  5. The link should be completed online in order to avoid any duplication and confusion. It is strongly suggested that ONLY the diocesan co-ordinator/chaplain to complete the on-line group form.
  6. Should you have any questions or problems while registering online please feel free to contact Erin from The Conference Company on email: or tel: 031 3039852.
  7. Once the on-line group registrations have been completed only by the Diocese Coordinators/Chaplains, invoices will be sent to each Diocese Coordinators/Chaplain for payment and confirmation of registration.
  8. No registration will be confirmed until full payment has been received.
  9. Name changes or replacements will incur an additional charge.
  10. Weekly reports will be sent to all the Diocesan Coordinators and Chaplains as identified giving an update on the registrations received, money invoiced, money received as well as money outstanding.